Display your Sketches in the New Library

Hi  Calgary Urban Sketchers,

The new public library has a wall dedicated to the “Calgary Story” and they would be quite happy to display our sketches of buildings and scenes of the city. The wall space is on the third floor. This would be nice publicity for us personally and for urban sketching in in our city.

Here is a photo of a current exhibit of photographs. The pieces are suspended from a bar on wires so there are no wall mounting hooks required.


This is wall available for us.


I recently had a request for copies of my Hong Kong sketches. Staple print services will scan your sketchbook and make pretty good prints. I was reluctant to rip the pages out of my sketchbook and this allowed me to keep the sketchbook intact..

In the two photos below Staples printed the sketches on foam board with a glossy finish. One is 8 1/2″ x 11″ and the other 11″x17″. Scanning, printing and foam board mounting on the larger size was under $10.00.



The exhibition display wall is available in either July or August of this year so there is time to organize your submission. I shall issue a reminder in early June.

Keep Sketching!!!!



3 thoughts on “Display your Sketches in the New Library”

    1. Hi Suma,
      None as of yet!
      The display wall is high so larger pieces might be more visible.
      I plan to print mine on 11 x 17 foam board.


    2. Hi Suma,
      None as of yet.
      Bigger might be better because the wall is high.
      I plan to print my sketches on 11” x 17” foamboard.



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