Recent Sketches

The longer I live the more behinder I get! Its been a while since I have posted sketches.

When I came back in November the new library had just opened and our first sketchcrawl was eye-popping. We returned many more times and it became a default go to place. I had to make one visit without a sketchbook just to look at the books! I tried to capture some of the interaction between the people and the architecture.C61C71BF-DE45-40D7-86C2-BB60F827FB16

This is one of my favourite sketches. Sketchers in a sketch. the cat was there only in my imagination.


Last Friday evening we were permitted dry media only in the designated heritage building of Knox United Church. This sketch was done from the upper floor balcony and the woodwork of the trusses and rafters was impressive! I had sketched the church from across the street just before Christmas so seeing it on the inside was a great opportunity.


Happy Sketching!!!


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