Winter Sketching Refuges

We’ve had some great luck with our indoor venues as of late, although the winter has been mild enough to likely make the occasional outdoor sketch feasible. But with no shortage of vibrant new spaces to explore, we haven’t had any lack of heated options.

I love this goldfish mural at the Central Library, because it’s constructed as a mosaic out of multicoloured book spines! It’s also heartwarming to see so many people of differing ages and backgrounds sharing and appreciating these public spaces together. It’s an easy place to lose track of time in too!


Another fun Saturday morning was spent at Brookfield Place in the heart of downtown. Because it’s connected to the +15 walkway system that links many downtown buildings and high-rises, there was a steady flow of foot traffic in spite of the various vendors and cafes being closed for the weekend. The architecture makes use of a lot of glass and open vertical space; one entire eating area is planted with full-size trees to add to the expansive feeling. It also made for a lot of fun with light and reflection!


Author: Jeff Dickson

I'm an Urban Sketcher who lives in Calgary, Canada

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