Calgary Tower

My contribution from today’s meeting… I’m aiming for a looser interpretation these days… At least, that’s my excuse…

It was a great location, so many thanks for setting things up. I also learned a lot at coffee afterwards. What a talented group!

On the way back I noticed another great location from the Plus 15 over 7th Avenue (beside Goro and Gun), looking towards the Bay building and the old Central United Church. Perhaps we could use it another time. I plan to contact the Esker Foundation, and see if they will let us use their reading corner to sketch the city. I have sketched there myself, but I’m not sure what their policy would be for a group. Finally, what is the best way to contact the group for an informal sketch session? It would be great if we could message the group when going out to sketch on a weekeday, to see if anyone else is interested…


2 thoughts on “Calgary Tower”

  1. Nice sketch, and looser doesn’t need an excuse. If you try to draw every window, you’ll miss the coffee session afterwards!

    The two cars crossing the intersection, are they on the wrong sides of the road? I wish we had imogi’s. I would put in a laughing face.

    Well done.


    1. You’re right about the cars!!!! Aaaiii!

      My only excuse is that having just come from Oz where they drive on the other side, I clearly need to adjust!


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