Amsterdam Symposium July 2019

Hi Sketchers,

Registration for the event begins February 2, 2019.

I have cut and pasted the following info.

There is a link to frequently asked questions about the event:


When and where is this year’s Urban Sketchers International Symposium

The 10th International Urban Sketchers Symposium will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 24 – 27, 2019.

Where is the Main Venue for the Symposium?

The main venue will be at the Zuiderkerk

The Zuiderkerk (“southern church”) is a 17th-century Protestant church in the Nieuwmarkt area of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. The church played an important part in the life of Rembrandt and was the subject of a painting by Claude Monet.

Where can I get news or updates on the Symposium?

To stay abreast with Symposium news, check

Symposium webpage

Symposium Instagram

Symposium FB group


You can subscribe to Drawing Attention for updates:



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