Sketching Hong Kong

We spent three weeks in Hong Kong, a modern city with an ancient culture, an amazing place with lots of sketching opportunities.

I enjoyed doing these sketches on a Pentalic 11″ x 14″ watercolour fieldbook.

This one was done one our last day in Tokyo.



And on our first full day in Hong Kong I found this narrow apartment building flanked by a descending lane on both sides. On the lower right, just down the steps is a sidewalk shrine with odour of incense greeting you as you pass by.



When I saw this building with the tree on the roof I thought it was abandoned but there’s an open shop on the ground floor.fullsizeoutput_188a


The cats ambled  around my legs as I sat on stool sketching.

I had the opportunity to meet up with Urbansketchershongkong on one of their sketch crawls. This mansion was once the residence of the family that owned Tiger Balm ( the ointment). After two hours of sketching they gather and do a show and tell session. They are a very active, popular and hospitable group!



This building lies in the Kowloon side of Hong Kong and its mottled weathered paint colours caught my eye.fullsizeoutput_1885


There is street market with a tram line running through it in the North Point neighbourhood on Hong Kong island.


It also rains in Hong Kong.


Over 200 hundred Canadian soldiers are buried in San Wan cemetery and it was another rainy, gloomy day.



Sai Kung was once a fishing village but is now a trendy area for expats and still has great seafood restaurants. Blue Girl beer藍妹啤酒 was my favourite beverage.



I’ll end with this sketch of the Star Ferry, the iconic symbol of Hong Kong.fullsizeoutput_1a6dfullsizeoutput_1a74

While I miss the warm mostly sunny weather in Hong Kong, being able walk outdoors wearing T-shirt there is still a lot of Calgary to sketch.

Have fun sketching!















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