Wallace Residence

On Sat. Nov. 1 I went to the Wallace Residence, a building recently designated a City-Wide Historic Resource by the Calgary Heritage Authority. This house is located in Bowness, and was once part of ‘Bowness Estates’ an upscale community designed by John Hextall in 1911. All by myself, I was only brave enough to do a very quick sketch in front of the house; but I took some photos and finished my pages at home.IMG_3602IMG_E3638 (1)IMG_E3643IMG_E3642

5 thoughts on “Wallace Residence”

  1. Wow! I love the way you set up a page… the map is a nice added touch. It helps the layout with context , especially for people who are not familiar with the city. Please take “oil guy’s” advice and eventually publish a book …perhaps a tutorial on the USk mother site. Your “narrative-historical style” is a delight. Keep us inspired.


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