Sketching Japan

Hi Calgary Sketchers!

I have been fortunate to travel in Japan and have been able to do sketches while on a cruise stopping at the following ports.

Ishinomaki was once known for its Manga culture and founder and many manga figures populate the sidewalks. That changed in 2011 when the tsunami swept away thousands of its people leaving a testament to human resilience tinged with enduring sadness.FBCD603A-DB84-422D-9540-E31E955F7DD0

Hakodate lies on the south end of the northern island of Hokkaido. The red brick warehouses were built when the new imperial government opened up Japan to trade with the world.29525921-DD54-4599-9631-326F832E3BA7

Akita has the same name as the breed of dog first bred in this region. I sat outside in a Starbucks to capture this urban scene.A7521642-6F50-44C7-B3E1-2CC438809C68

There is much more to Busan to sketch but a hectic shore excursion left me with time on the deck of the ship before we left the harbour.501D2C65-89AC-4FFB-8FD5-01DB0D0DB1B4

Kagoshima lies on the southern end of the main island of Honshu. Across the harbour lies a quietly steaming volcano.
This nearly forgotten shrine laid in the sideyard of a bigger temple complex.37CE2B2E-FCF6-4257-9F93-EDDFB2900A6F

In Yokohama i found a bigger version of red brick ware houses now filled with trendy shops.
To my disappointment, they were setting up in front of me, while sketching, for a massive Oktoberfest celebration to take place after we left this beautiful city.80A34072-0ECC-49F6-89ED-F02EED7A8174

I hope to post more sketches soon!

Happy sketching,

2 thoughts on “Sketching Japan”

  1. Thank you Peter!

    I am really enjoying my time in Japan and the warm weather allowing me to sketch outdoors.

    Hope the winter retreats a bit at home.

    See you in a couple of weeks.



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