Exciting stuff ahead

Hey gang. I heard from a lady at the heart of urbansketchers.org regarding those chapters that have not yet been featured in the Drawing Attention e-magazine. I let her know that we would love to be featured and so, that will happen at some point in the upcoming months. She also asked that in preparation for that, we plan a group shot that is more creative than just a number of us standing in a line holding our sketches. She sent me some samples, a few of which I share here.

The long and short of this is that on one of our upcoming outings, when turnout is good, we are going to get a great shot to hold in reserve for when we are featured. I will be carrying a drone with me over upcoming months in case the perfect aerial shot opportunity presents itself. Or, we could all stand on our heads with our sketches between our teeth, or we could…..

3 thoughts on “Exciting stuff ahead”

  1. Thats great news Peter! If I may suggest, we should also consider the background of our group photo. A place iconic to Calgary would be a great representation of our city. We could consider peace bridge, the galleria trees at stephen’s avenue or the sculputure at bow building would be a good showcase of Calgary or any other suggested place. What do you think?


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