Sketching @Banker’s hall

As I was running late from a meeting on Saturday morning, I was able to start Saturday’s YYC-Usk session only around noon. Since I was late, I was notified that our group had moved to Banker’s hall for sketching.

Unable to find any fellow sketchers and not wanting to renege on my plans to sketch, I settled down next to a cozy window that overlooked 8th Ave, to sketch the unique galleria tree sculptures. Due to lack of time, my sketch does not capture adequately, these beautiful sculptures. (I intend to do more detailed sketches of these iconic sculptures of Calgary, at some point in the future)

Later as I munched on my lunch, I completed another sketch at the food court, before I was done for the day.

Here are few of my sketches.

Author: suma karveti

I love sketching.

3 thoughts on “Sketching @Banker’s hall”

  1. So sorry about that Suma! We had no idea that security in Gulf Canada would not be open to the group of us staying in their lobby, so we had to disperse. Looks like you captured some beautiful sketches regardless!


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