More Sketches

Last Saturday was great weather to do the back lane. I thought it was a good opportunity to practice wall textures, perspectives and shadows.fullsizeoutput_1846


The Odd Fellow’s Hall looked like an easy one but when you sit, study and try to capture a building you become aware of all of its detailing and unique features. I sat for two hours and could only do the line work. The extra detail and watercolour ( and cats) were added in the days following.fullsizeoutput_1824


The George C. King Bridge ( who is he? ) was a challenge with with those leaping, flying structural arches. Due to my little misunderstanding I ended up alone on the island, just me my bicycle and the geese.


Downtown West Kerby Station was another exercise in drawing curved elements. It was a windy and smokey morning.




The are many opportunities for indoor urban sketching. One of them is coffee shops. Capturing coffee shop patrons is a good way to practice people sketching.


Juliet’s Castle on 16th Avenue northeast is a pub with live musicians every Saturday from 3:00 to &:00 P.M. They are happy to invite you to sit and sketch the band along with great music and your favourite kind of beverage.

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I am out of town for a few weeks but will post my travel sketches.

Happy Sketching Everyone!

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