George C. King bridge

My first post here on CalgaryUrbanSketchers, so please accept my apologies in advance for any formatting errors.

We went to St. Patrick’s Island to sketch the George C. King bridge on Saturday, August 25. It is a new bridge with lots of curves and it was quite a challenge to draw. The two main (or at least most visible) structural elements are two “ribbons” of steel that form the main structure of the suspension bridge. They look like two ribbons that “jump” across the first branch of the river to St. Patrick’s Island, then “bounce” once, and jump over the main branch of the Bow River to East Calgary.

My first photo is the pen and ink sketch I did on site. When I got home, I realized that colour was needed to separate all (or hopefully all) the different elements in the bridge, so I added watercolour washes at home.

Hope you like, Jim

George C King bridge 20180825George C King bridge in colour 20180825

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