A Season of Sketching

Throughout the winter months, we were longing for the weather to warm so we could sketch outdoors, but once spring hit, it seems that weekend plans quickly blossomed along with the flowers. In spite of conflicting schedules, the courageous sketchers have met up on every Saturday throughout the summer. And we’ve amassed a growing number of us in the process! Such fantastic momentum! Rain or shine (and recently, smoke as evident below) have not hampered turnouts and enthusiasm.

Our ever-growing Calgary chapter on Tom Campbell’s Hill, on a smoky August 11th

This post is long, long overdue, but better late than never. Here are some of the highlights from our meetups throughout the season:

I’ve been taking a perspective drawing class at ACAD to try to improve something I’ve always felt was a weak point; I clearly need to keep practicing on location, so this is great homework!

Looking west down Stephen Avenue
Coffee and treats out of the rain in Cafe Rosso on August 4th

Can’t wait to see everyone again this weekend!

Author: Jeff Dickson

I'm an Urban Sketcher who lives in Calgary, Canada

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