Downtown West Kirby station

Taking a break from my usual commute sketching, to post some of my sketches from my first outing with the Calgary Urban Sketchers group. It was great to finally meet all the lovely people who have been working so hard to start and establish the Calgary urban sketchers group!

After brief introductions, we all quickly got to our spots to start sketching the West Kirby neighborhood. I started with a sketch of the West Kirby station, capturing the curved structure and glazing. After spending an hour on this sketch, I walk further west to get a good view of the Mewata Armoury. I tried to detail out the brick facade of the armoury as much as I could, constantly fighting the cold breeze. After spending 30 mins on the sketch and unable to work in the breeze, I decided to call it a day. I added watercolor wash to my sketches at home.


West Kirby station - full sketch

IMG_2687Mewata Armoury - full sketch

Author: suma karveti

I love sketching.

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