Downtown West-Kerby Station

This station’s symmetrical sculptural organic looking curved glass structures and the movement of commuters of mass transit in a downtown location making it for me, quintessentially “urban” for the urban sketcher.

Benches are provided! This my choice.484A59C2-2DB5-4881-8222-FCD4D3942B00

Note the detailing,BD0119F1-FB5F-4B2B-A95E-08940E825EBB

The nearest coffee shop is on 8th Street but coffee is available at the convenience store at the east end of the platform. Its not Kim’s Convenience but a similar family run store.627EC5F6-4109-4313-B509-36003EFC03F9

Also close by is the Mewata Armoury.

Last Saturday’s sketch of the downtown skyline.553BD643-658E-4F42-9DE4-4705676C91B7

Happy Sketching everyone!

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