Oh, Me of little faith!

Okay, I admit that when I left home heading for Tom Campbell’s Hill Natural Park, I had my doubts that anyone would show up. Heck, I considered not showing up myself. The air quality alert today, because of the smoke in the air from forest fires in BC and California, was listed at 10 on a scale that only goes from 1 to 10+.  I wasn’t sure we would even see the downtown that we were supposed to sketch.  The scene that greeted me on the trail heading in to the lookout proved that this would be a little challenging.


How wrong I was to doubt the fortitude of sketchers. First one, then two, then three, until finally, we were nine in total taking on the ‘Sketch the Smoke’ challenge. It was just a great time and a great spot, which we will re-visit again on a clear day. Thanks to all who showed up and made it one of our best outings ever. Watch for samples of the work to show up in days to come.


One thought on “Oh, Me of little faith!”

  1. Great to see an urban sketching group in Calgary. We’re watching in Lethbridge and hope to follow suit in the future. Congratulations!


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