A City Bathed in Smoke

I live in Langdon – about 20 mins east of the city for those who don’t know – so when I woke up tasting smoke in the air I was a little worried our planned sketch outing was going to be a bust.  After all – the city was bound to be even smokier.

When I passed 17th ave and could at least see some detail on the skyline – I began to figuratively “breathe easier”.

Tom Campbell Hill offers such a beautiful view of the Calgary Skyline.  And the wall around the monument at the top was the perfect height to turn into my sketching “desk”


One thing that sketching in a group provides is a change to tackle subjects you may have avoided…like the skyline.   I’m not one of those people who can shrink down a huge panorama into a tiny sketchbook page…so I don’t.

I was also very happy to see my usual urban sketching friend, Kris, come out to sketch with us too!


and I even finished 100% onsite!  The finished sketch…



Author: khourianya

Canadian Artist. Caffeine-powered stationery addict. Fearlessly creative. Geek girl. Allergic to Drama and the colour pink.

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