A Bridge in Quarry Park

My twins had been in swimming lessons at the Remington Y in Quarry Park for the past two weeks.  About a week in, I happened to glance to the right as we were driving into the parking lot and what to my wondering eyes should appear…but a gorgeous stone bridge complete with archways and water.  An urban sketchers dream! (Well THIS urban sketchers dream, anyway)

So, on the last day of swimming – I packed my sketching supplies and said “You have 40 minutes – go forth and sketch”

It was a race against the clock but I managed to even get colour on it in the 40 mins I had…and only had to tweak a tiny but at home.


If you’re a local sketcher, looking for a quiet place to sketch – this is definitely a nice spot.  The bridge is gorgeous and there is a great mix of surrounding office buildings and greenery.

Author: khourianya

Canadian Artist. Caffeine-powered stationery addict. Fearlessly creative. Geek girl. Allergic to Drama and the colour pink.

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