Princes Island

What a fantastic day to be on Princes Island!  Five of us sat on the shore and sketched from the comfort of a couple of park benches, except for Rod, who seemed to prefer the vantage point offered by a rock down by the water. By the looks of things, he attracted quite a following. I thought maybe he was holding a sketching workshop.35A9FBB0-675C-4B58-AC37-32201DD9BB69

we also welcomed Audrey to her first trip out with our group. She and I are not shown here because I didn’t have time to get organized for a full group shot, having had to run back to my car before two hour parking expired.


On such a bright day, the downtown building all have a very blue cast to them which makes them a little challenging to sketch without them seeming very bland. Nevertheless, we stuck with it and enjoyed the beautiful temperatures and the twelve thousand geese.


One thought on “Princes Island”

  1. Great post (love the comment about Rod and sketching workshop) and sketch Peter. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys again after the August long weekend.


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