Sketching Holland

I had the good fortune to spend a few days in the Netherlands and found time to try out my new sketchbook.

Leiden is a smaller city in the Netherlands, like Amsterdam, with many canals that have shaped its history and remain actively used by pleasure craft giving many intersting  scenes for urban sketching. Each of the many bridges is unique and this one caught my eye.

The walls surrounding the old city are long gone but two of the city gates remain. Along the old wall and atop the dykes which were high points on this flat landscape, were many wind mills used for grinding grain. Now only a couple remain. In this sketch I tried to capture both.

There is sooo much historic architecture in Europe that a few days time allowed me to scratch the surface. The spires and domes are like are like architectural poetry.

I am getting a feel for this watercolour sketchbook and am more happy with this sketch of traditional Dutchhouses in Leiden, the “clock” and the “stair” styles, so I am told.


In this sketch I intended to capture the streetscape only but while sitting on the bank of the canal I was delighted by the parade of boats passing by filled with happy residents of Holland taking in the sunny weather along with wine and beer in what you could certainly call pleasure boats so I added them in.

Happy sketching everyone from Rod in the Netherlands!












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