Sketching Toronto


Toronto City Hall is an iconic symbol of the city and the large square in front presents a comfortable venue to sketch with plenty of food vendors and coffee.


Art galleries and museums offer many opportunities to sketch in relative comfort.

The Art Gallery of Ontario has a large and diverse collection of art including a gallery dedicated to these Henry Moore plaster casts.88A72876-FB93-4AF8-AF28-6CC7F6F4ADB2


This painting is an example of Italian baroque style feature by realism and the use of intenselight and shadow.. I tried to capture some of that.


I saw the tower of this building from a distance and thought it was a bank but it turns out this combination of art deco and gothic revival is a government office building. The progressive set backs, the strong vertical elements and the many statues ( 12 I think ) all carved in stone give it  a romantic era monumental and sculpural quality.



Toronto has a lot of historic structures and I hope tosketch more of them someday,



3 thoughts on “Sketching Toronto”

  1. Fantastic!

    Some thoughts for places that may interest you, near where you seem to be…
    University College at UofT
    Old shopfronts down Queen Street East
    Kensington Market
    The Gooderham Building
    Casa Loma

    Wish I was there to join you!

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