Inglewood Bridge

A year ago I was fascinated by the confluence of the CPR main line with the Sculpture Garden and the ironworks of the Inglewood bridge and did this sketch.


The rusted rivets and beams of the bridge evoke in me the  pre world war one era of optimistic industrialization and progress.

It is slated for demolition and replacement so I look forward to sketching and recording a piece of Calgary’s history.

Our recent sketchwalks visited other structures of that prosperous era.

The First Baptist Church in the Beltline is a 1912 Gothic revival with a rich mix of brick, sandstone and timber.93E466AB-9168-44BA-B6CC-F66033A5272E

The Colonel James Walker house was built in 1910.2B5750F7-17F8-481D-8596-FF8F69B69E00

Built in 1912/1913 St. Matthew’s Lutheran church has its own unique details of brick and stone. There is history of the structure on this link:

Looking forward to our SketchWalk at the Inglewood Bridge.

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