Recent Sketches

With the warm weather it has been great to get back outside with sketchbook in hand. Calgary has a wealth of highly articulated historic buildings and I get much satisfaction in capturing some of their details.

First Baptist Church on 13th Avenue and Fourth St.  S.W. has a mix of red brick and carved sandstone. I sat across the street in Central Park. Sketch Alert! There is a nice outdoor coffee shop in the park.image

When it was cold outside there was opportunity for people sketching in our weekly Calgarysketchbooker’s Meetup in Starbucks.


Something a little different!


The Dr. Carl Safran Centre is a beautiful sandstone building, built in 1908 as a high school. On the west side there is a park with lots of benches and stone topped tables which provide a comfortable place to sit and sketch.


We shall meet here on Saturday May 12 at 1:30 P.M. for our first sketch walk. 

930 13th Avenue S.W – hope to see you there!


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