Quick and easy

By Peter Norman

While I wait for the end of this eternal, snowy, Calgary winter, even here in the midst of spring, I find myself often parked in front of the television.  While it is not my first choice as a sketching location, it does provide the same opportunity for live, people sketching as being out in the world. In fact, it can be more challenging, since it is fairly certain, given the time frame of TV shows, that your subject will be gone within a minute or less.

This sketch was done, almost as a single line drawing. I had to move fast, because I never knew whether the camera would switch back to my subject for a last glimpse of some detail in the helmet or the uniform of this Seal Team soldier.

It is a great way to practice capturing the essence of a character without being too concerned about making it so accurate that it is poster – ready. Give it a try. It is great fun.


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