Marching into Spring

by Peter Norman

100Hey sketchers. Here is an idea that may help us get to the spring thaw, an activity to keep us busy until the temperatures warm sufficiently that we can stay alive to complete an outdoor sketchwalk. Marc Taro Holmes, a major figure in the international urban sketcher organization, has issued a repeat of last year’s challenge to sketch 100 people in one week. It was tremendously successful last time and I’m sure it will be again. This year’s dates are March 5 – 9.

While it sounds daunting it need not be. The sketches can be as simple or as detailed as you like. The awful picture at the right shows the first few I attempted for last year’s challenge. I realized quite quickly that the sketches deed to be much simpler if I was ever to complete the task.  It was great fun and great practice. For information and ideas on the challenge check out Marc’s Citizen Sketcher site here. You can follow the challenge as sketchers post their work and even add your own.  Take a look at some of 2017’s results here

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