The agony of beginning

by Peter Norman
Welcome to the Calgary Urban Sketchers. Our hope is that this will become a gallery, an information sharing network, a billboard of events and a home for the urban sketchers of the Calgary area. We invite you to reach us through the Contact page and request access to this site. We will respond with everything you need to write your own posts and upload your images. Keep in mind that this is a new venture and that there is a steep learning curve involved. Beginning a new site/ blog on behalf of urban sketchers of Calgary is a daunting task for one who has never seen WordPress, much less used it to construct something legible (I’m initially resigned not to shoot for attractive). The learning curve is littered with landmines, just waiting for me to press an ill-advised key and blast away hours of work.
Nevertheless sketchers, I will WordPress on and soon we will have a useable, postable site for the dedicated sketchers of the Calgary area.
I’m sure that with a lot of time and effort, the work will become easier as the tasks become more familiar and committed to memory. In the meantime, stand by. The Calgary Urban Sketchers platform is almost ready to receive your fabulous artwork. Now, where did I see the instructions on setting up a gallery, hmm…

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